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The Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Sweden (Brazilcham) was founded in 2006 as a sister chamber to Swedcham in Brazil.


It is funded by members contributions and, sporadically, by funds generated from a number of activities and projects organized and run by the Chamber.

Its members enjoy a modern and efficient infrastructure, a contact and business network and Brazilcham's events are developed exclusively to improve and support the Brazilian and Swedish markets. 


It is a source of information for both Swedes and Brazilians regarding the latest business practices and facilitates interpretation and understanding of Brazil for the international business community.

Brazilcham contributes to the content of the Magazine Nordic Light, a quarterly joint publication of the Swedish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (SBCC) and The Norwegian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (NBCC).


Our mission is to promote bilateral connections between Brazil and Sweden by providing high quality networking and by sharing knowledge on business opportunities in both countries.


We work to provide effective services and reliable support in order to empower our members and stimulate the business community.


We believe in a lasting positive impact in the market through:

  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Knowledge

  • Social responsibility


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Executive Director
Elisa Sohlman
Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Sweden   

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Hugo Oljemark
Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Sweden

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Vice Chairman
Sharif Pakzad
Sundbybergs stad

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Legal Director
Sten Hedbäck
Törngren Magnell


Tomas Eliasson

Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Sweden

Address: Jakobs torg 3, 111 52 Stockholm 
+46 73 584 18 11

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